Friday, 22 March 2013

I&B Ministry To Set Up Central Monitoring System To Assess Progress Of Digitization

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is in the process of installing a Centralised Monitoring System to monitor the progress of Digitization and to ensure the mandatory adherence of transmitting Digital signals by Multi System Operators (MSOs).
MSOs are required to carry encrypted signals of TV channels in areas where digitization has been implemented as mandated by the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act. The Centralised Monitoring System will be able to detect those MSOs who do not carry the mandated signals. The transmission and re-transmission of unencrypted signals will amount to violation of Terms and Conditions of MSOs.

A web based pilot project for the Digital Addressable System (DAS) installed at Bangalore is undergoing field trials. It will enable the Ministry to keep a watch on the implementation of DAS by all the MSO licensees. The system will also help the users to centrally acquire, log, analyze and prepare report on the status of DAS parameters, including total number of channels.


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