Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Livingston offers latest Fujikura products to its European rental customers

Test equipment sourcing specialist Livingston, in response to rising demand for greater deployment of optical networking infrastructure across Europe, has invested heavily in leading-edge fibre splicing instruments. The company will be able to supply these units in a variety of highly flexible and cost-effective rental packages. 
The Fujikura FSM-60S is a rugged, highly reliable core-alignment fusion device offering extremely consistent splicing performance. Its intuitive user interface, with 4.1” TFT colour display, enables easy operation and rapid error-free execution. Fibre splicing can be done in just 9 secs and a 60 mm splice sleeve can be heated within 30 secs. The device’s robust construction makes it resistant to shock, dust, rain and impact. 

This is complemented by Fujikura’s recently released cladding-alignment fusion splicer, the FSM-12S, which is especially optimised for fibre-to-the home (FTTH) implementations. It is offered in a highly compact (12.1 cm x 16.2 cm x 5.7 mm), lightweight (776g) form factor, maximising portability in the field. The device has an average single mode splice loss of just 0.018dB, thereby delivering strong optical performance. Its splice time and tube heating time are 15 secs and 30 secs respectively. The long battery life of the FSM-12S allows 100 splice/heat cycles to be completed before a recharge is required. 
“As fibre optic technology becomes increasingly important in modern telecommunication, from 40/100 Gbit Ethernet backhaul networks all the way to FTTH, there is a growing need within the industry for highly efficient, accurate equipment that can deliver repeatable results,” Reinier Treur, Marketing Director at Livingston, comments. “The comprehensive range of splicers that are now available via Livingston allows engineers to choose the solution that comfortably fits with their specific needs, both technically and financially. 
When combined with the broad portfolio of other fibre optic tools we offer, such as fibre optical cleavers, optical power meters, OTDRs and consumables, plus the high level of the maintenance support we can provide, it presents our customer base with a one-stop-shop.” “The ability to hire/rent these tools along with associated instruments, allows contractors to undertake projects that they would otherwise struggle to source the necessary equipment for. It means that they can pay as they earn rather than having to outlay large amounts of capital upfront,” he concludes.


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