Saturday, 24 August 2013

India’s first online digital channel launched

Smartube Entertainment has launched India’s first online digital channel that spots trends across genres, called at APREE 2013 in Goa. A preview of the online digital channel that covers trends from Fashion & Lifestyle to Business, Politics, Sports, Music, Gadgets and much more was showcased at the event as part of the launch. is supposed to be India’s first “trendspotting” network that will try and pull out trends that could make it big in the future from across the country. There will be a team of dedicated trendspotters who will aim to pick these cool styles out through networking. The group will consist of handpicked bunch of 18 to 30-year-olds who are essentially early adopters of new styles. Their focus will be on showcasing micro-trends – fads that could be the next big thing.

In the initial phase, the service has launched trends for Music, Fashion & Entertainment. Further, will be extending content pertaining to Sports, Advertising and Consumer technology too, said Kunal Kishore Sinha, founder of the service, at the launch.
The platform aims to be a medium for bringing the next generation trends and talents to light, especially for the upwardly mobile audience. It’ll also try to bring out a cluster of micro trends every day for the new age audience who take inspiration from out-of-the-ordinary discoveries. Besides the online digital media platform, will be relying heavily on social networking sites to spread awareness and for marketing purposes.


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