Tuesday, 27 August 2013

STBs, dongles boost smart device market

The smart set-top box and dongle market is expected to pass 18 million units in 2013 – higher than originally forecasted due to the arrival of Google’s Chromecast device. According to analysis firm ABI Research, overall the market is expected to grow with a 10.8 per cent CAGR (2013 to 2018) with less saturated and developing (from connected and OTT perspective) markets such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America helping drive this growth.
The firm suggets that in time, as the installed base of devices with new technologies such as MHL grow, there will start to be more dongle form factors in the smart set-top box market; although the ‘puck’ will remain highly relevant. The price of these devices will also allow lower tier TV manufacturers to separate the connected TV component, keeping prices lower and enabling customers the option to upgrade the connected platform as desired without replacing the TV or purchasing costly and proprietary upgrade modules.

http://cablequest.org/news/technology-news/item/3084-stbs,-dongles-boost-smart-device-market.htmlSource: http://cablequest.org/news/technology-news/item/3084-stbs,-dongles-boost-smart-device-market.html

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