Wednesday, 28 August 2013

TV in your hand

Mobile video viewership has steadily been on the rise in India. VuClip says India has been growing quickly and will continue to do so.
In February, Google reported that 30% of all YouTube viewership from India takes place on mobile phones, and users switched between devices 27 times in a day on average, suggesting that users are becoming device agnostic, watching on whichever device is at hand.

A usage report from Sony LIV (which covers Sony TV, Sab TV and Sony MAX) reveals that over 50% of their viewers watch shows on mobile phones. The report, which Sony LIV released last week, was compiled by tracking the usage data of six months, and according to them, much of the content being watched is full-length TV shows, and not just clips and other short content.
This goes against the conventional wisdom which suggests that people are willing to watch short clips on mobile phones but prefer to watch full-length features on desktop or laptop.
In India, the improving 3G connections and the sudden increase in smartphones could well account for this shift in viewing behaviour, along with developments in multiple bitrate streaming and optimization of data usage by delivery platforms.


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