Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Prime Focus eyes a slice in TV production

With the broadcasters looking at investing top dollars in fiction programming, Prime Focus, the media and entertainment company that provides end-to-end creative and technical services, is now gearing up to do pre and post-production work on TV shows as well. 
So far, Prime Focus was more involved with projects related to films and commercials. The company works on visual effects, stereo 3D conversion, animation, video/audio post-production, digital content management and distribution. 

This is for the first time that Prime Focus has landed its services to a TV series – ’24′ on Colors, the Indian adaptation of the popular international series. 
“With the advent of ’24′, broadcasters are thinking of pumping big money in fiction shows as well. We are looking at a bright future here,” Prime Focus Sr VP – Film and Commercials Niraj Sanghai said.
The company has put a dedicated team of 30 specialists for visual effects, pre-production and post-production work for ’24′. Sanghai claims that it has been a learning for the company and it has also invested in putting up the workflow and is getting ready for the future. 
“We have heavily invested overall in broadcast technology, but to get the workflow right for ’24′, we have invested another crore. So while we may not make money on the first show, we will hopefully breakeven on the second and will start making profits on the third,” Sanghai added.
While at present it is working only on Colors, Sanghai confirms that they are pitching for a couple of high-budget fiction shows. However, he declines to share the details. 
For ’24′, the company has worked on editing machine Final Cut Pro for offline editing, Autodesk Smoke for online editing and as a finishing tool for compositing, colour correction, and motion graphics and Baselight colour grading system to achieve the look and mood details. 
Prime Focus’ move in TV production is understandable as broadcasters are now looking at investing more in the fiction space. With finite series and HD, the lines between fiction and non-fiction is getting blurred. Top broadcasters are not completely against the idea of investing big moolah in right content. However, the return on investment will pave the way for the future of such shows. 
Prime Focus has operations in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, London and Mumbai.

Source: http://cablequest.org/news/technology-news/item/3680-prime-focus-eyes-a-slice-in-tv-production.html
Source: http://cablequest.org/news/technology-news/item/3680-prime-focus-eyes-a-slice-in-tv-production.html

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