Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rupert Murdoch clashes with Tony Blair over his 'relationship' with ex Wendi Deng

Sources close to Mr Murdoch in London say staff at his home in California claim Mr Blair and Ms Deng stayed there overnight at the same time on weekends in October 2012 and April this year, without the 82-year-old’s knowledge.
The ex-PM, whose New Labour forged an unlikely flirtation with Mr Murdoch, has always maintained his friendship with Ms Deng is purely platonic.

But sources have claimed that Mr Blair and Ms Deng had “multiple encounters” of which Mr Murdoch was unaware.
And the media mogul is said to have refused to speak to the former Labour leader since he filed for divorce from Ms Deng, his third wife, in June.
While there is no suggestion of any impropriety between Mr Blair and Ms Deng, the ex-PM’s efforts to contact Mr Murdoch have reportedly been rebuffed.
A source close to News Corporation boss Mr Murdoch, whose newspaper empire includes The Times and The Sun, said: “Rupert Murdoch will have nothing more to do with Tony Blair. Not ever.”
Another source who has known Mr Murdoch for many years, said: “Rupert and Wendi’s marriage was already in a bad way. But the connection with Blair did not help.”
It is also claimed Ms Deng, 44, and Mr Blair,60, had met in London, where Mr Murdoch owns a luxury apartment near The Ritz hotel – and in New York. They are also said to have stayed overnight in Los Angeles, where Mr Murdoch also has a home. It is understood the Murdochs’ daughters, Grace, 11 and Chloe, nine, were not present at the alleged meetings.
But Mr Blair’s friends and associates stressed the relationship between him and Ms Deng was “entirely innocent and above board”.
Earlier this month, Mr Murdoch told a judge that he had reached an amicable divorce settlement with his wife of 14 years, Ms Deng.
The couple, who said they were parting with “mutual respect”, appeared in a New York court to formalise the agreement. Friends said the marriage was difficult for years.
The chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox shook hands with Ms Deng and they hugged after the proceedings. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed in court, though Ms Deng is expected to keep the couple’s Manhattan apartment and home in Beijing. It is believed they had a prenuptial agreement.
The split followed a story in the New York Times last year which claimed the couple were leading “largely separate lives” but the reason for the breakdown remains unclear.
Mr Murdoch, who has four other children from his two previous marriages, met his third wife in 1997 and they married two years later.
Source:, 25 November 2013


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