Wednesday, 29 January 2014

BIG MAGIC Bihar & Jharkhand launches Police Files Season II

BIG MAGIC Bihar and Jharkhand is all set to launch the second season of Police Files. The leading entertainment channel from the region launched the show with famous Bhojpuri actor and show host Vinay Anand at a press conference in the city today. Highlighting the various stories of crime, retaliation, presence of mind and bravery, the show hinges on the core principle ‘Surakshit Samaaj, Ek Abhiyaan’ and encourages people to be more socially responsible for those around them. The show launches on 3rd February, every Monday to Friday at 7.30pm and 10pm only on BIG MAGIC Bihar & Jharkhand!
Police Files is not just another crime show, but one that features real life stories from incidents that have taken place in the Hindi Heartland that are used to empower audiences to protect themselves from such crimes. The Hindi Heartland is known for its high crime rate ranging from crime against women, drug trafficking, extortion, murder for hire, homicide, kidnapping, theft, land mafia and more. This new show brings to life, real high profile cases through recreation and also goes a step further by empowering audiences to be better equipped to deal with these criminal situations.
Tune-in to Police Files season 2, every Monday to Friday at 7.30pm and 10pm only on BIG MAGIC Bihar & Jharkhand!


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