Monday, 25 August 2014

CQ-Ranga Reddy District gets its own Cable TV Association

A new association of Cable Operators of south zone of Ranga Reddy District in the newly formed state of Telangana has been formed. There are seven mandals in this zone including-Hayathnagar, Sarroornagar, Ibrahimpatnam, Maheshwaram, Kandukur, Yacharam and Manchal. The association is headed by President Gowri Shankar and committee members from different mandals. 
A list of the Greater Hyderabad & Ranga Reddy District Cable TV Operator Welfare Association is given below:

President – Yerravalli Gowri Shankar (Hayathnagar)
Vice President – Namani Prabhakar (Kandukur Mandal)
General Secretary – Middini Balaraj (Maheshwaram Mandal)
Treasure – Yempalla Mahipal Reddy (Ibrahimpatnam Mandal)
Joint Secretary – a) Narre Jangrah (Yacharam Mandal)
                                  b) Naraddi Rajender Reddy (Manchal Mandal)

Executive Members
  1. Ehakali Bibhupathi (Maheshwaram Mandal)
  2. Irugu Ehittari (Hayathnagar Mandal)
  3. Pidugu Sri Hari (Yacharam Mandal)
  4. Raghupathi (Manchal Mandal)
  5. Kaki Narsimha (Kandukur Mandal)



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